The Czura family

Czura Family

Meet Sam, Dan, Avalon & Atlas

We are on a journey to discover the Atlas

We are exploring the outside world through travel, the inside world through philosophy and the universal world through understanding cultures old and new.

Having modelled as a couple and a family all around the world, we are incredibly fortunate to have travelled to over fifty countries between us. With Sam as a former Miss Universe Australia and Dan’s fascination with human behaviour, travel was always a natural progression for our family.

We are passionate about inspiring people to be the best versions of themselves. This adventure is a great opportunity for our kids to experience every culture imaginable, so that they can continually learn and grow.

Compassion, for us, is the most important value to instill in our kids. The Czura’s always find an opportunity to give back and contribute to the community they discover. Whether this means donating time or money to the people that make these cultures possible.’

Our Journey Goals

  • Build a strong family relationship through quality time, trust and communication.

  • Explore the best of every culture to inspire the best life for us.

  • Study the art of happiness in all its forms.

Our Family Values

  • Compassion. Making a contribution to create a better world.

  • Growth. Learning every day to become all that we can be.

  • Integrity. Being decisive and following through on our truths.

  • Courage. Trust our instincts, take risks and pursue our dreams.

Our Story

One serendipitous rainy night, Sam in search of a flatmate and Dan having scoured ‘Flatmate Finders’ to find the right flat, landed on one in Bondi. The door opened and sparks flew. A week later, when Sam asked “What are we going to do?”, Dan’s response was “Everything” and she knew she had met her match. After discovering the perfect partner in each other, conveniently now also flatmates, we got married. Our wedding almost didn’t happen due to an erupting volcano in Bali, but luckily it did and our brood quickly began to grow.

Dan with a background in Psychology, and Sam a former lawyer, decided that there was more to life than the ordinary. Consequently after having our daughter, Avalon, then our son, Atlas, we decided it was time to cast away the shackles of normal life, unfurl our sails and achieve something exceptional for our family.

Come aboard our boat to discover Dan watching the world from the bow, always living in the moment and stopping to smell the salty air. Sam at the helm, steering everyone forward with perpetual motion and purpose. Avalon dangling from the crows nest ready to meet adventure headfirst and Atlas, the rudder, a beautiful guiding soul holding us all on course.

Thank you for discovering with us and visiting our website, we love meeting new friends.

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